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12 Best Online Typing Jobs for Fast Typist
4 months ago

Online Typing Jobs for Fast Typist


If you believe that you are a fast typist and are confident about your typing speed, you must read this article. Here we will introduce you to the best online typing jobs you can do earn. Here you can also get to know how to apply for jobs. If you don't want to do jobs, don't worry we have solutions like freelancing. You can also work from home and earn money or start a small startup. 


If you are not interested in doing typing jobs, reading this article might change your mind. You may start learning fast typieng from the internet using online typing test programs. 


The fact that people are making a living by learning to type faster comes as no surprise when you consider they earn a living by using their keyboarding skills. You can boost your career or work from home with the following websites and typing jobs. Do you have any experience? You don't need to worry! Other typing jobs are also available.


Requirements for Common Skill Sets


When it comes to typing jobs with less experience, employers prefer applicants with strong keyboarding skills unless there are strict requirements. What is the reason? They are cheaper, or the job doesn't require highly qualified typists.


Getting a good typing job requires a few core skills


  • 10-finger typing accuracy
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Excellent spelling and writing skills
  • Detail-oriented. Don't hesitate to re-edit.


Do online typing jobs really pay?


You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $25 for data entry. It also depends on whether you will be employed by a company or accept a project on an online platform. Transcribers who are just entering the field can expect hourly rates between $15 and $75. If you are typing, it is best to remember that the rate is based on the audio minute or words typed.


Typing Speed Requirements For Jobs



Fast means a speed of at least 60 words per minute. An individual who wants a job typing needs to have this qualification. The majority of those typing jobs can be outsourced, so slower typists may have a chance too if they meet deadlines and quality standards. Slower speeds, however, will result in lower hourly wages.


1) Typists or Word Processors


Typists are in high demand because of their exceptional speed and accuracy. A speed of 55 to 90 wpm is considered efficient in these fields.


It is the job of typists to write and type reports, correspondence, and any other content that is supplied and put into the appropriate format. You will be required to type text from a printed copy and a handwritten copy to create an official, professional document.


The income of a typist can reach as high as $20,000 annually. It is relatively easy for typists to move into administrative positions like office supervisors.


2) Transcriptionist


As they listen to or type material from tapes or recordings, transcribers (or audio typists) type it into documents. It's a position that can be used in many different fields, often specialized, such as medical, legal and audiovisual transcription.


Because transcription is a growing field, and not many people have the speed and accuracy required, fast typists can easily land a typing job as a transcriptionist. Transcribers must also have great listening skills and a broad knowledge of the subject matter they are transcribing, which helps them avoid mistakes.


Typing transcriptions requires more accuracy than speed, though both are equally important. You can gain experience by working part-time or at home as a transcriptionist. Medical transcriptionists can earn between $50 and $75 per audio hour.


3) Legal Transcribers


Transcriptionists who specialize in legal transcription work exclusively with legal documents. Besides trancribing dictated reports and notes, they also create all the other documents that attorneys, paralegals, and others in the legal profession might require. To be successful, legal transcriptionists must possess substantial knowledge of the workings and language used in law offices and courts due to the high level of jargon used in the field.


Lawful transcribers prepare legal memoranda, motions, pleadings, and many other official documents. 


An experienced legal transcriber could advance to an administrative position in a law firm or office after a few years' work, although they might need to take a short training course, depending on the firm.


It is essential to be accurate and fast at typing to land this typing job, which can pay anywhere between $20,000 and $50,000 per year.


4) Data Entry Specialists


You can make money typing data entry by knowing how to type fast. Whether they use an off-site contractor or an on-site employee, large companies tend to have data entry clerks who enter data into databases, systems, and other programs.


You are more likely to engage in other administrative duties besides data entry if you wish to enter the data entry profession. You need to add attention to detail, consistency, and a results-oriented approach to your keyboarding abilities.


You will probably have to prove some of your skills if you are employed by a company. However, there are a lot of typing jobs online in this area that accept average typing speeds. You will need to meet deadlines and maintain high standards of accuracy. When you want to work from home in this field, these skills remain crucial.



5) Closed Captioning and Subtitling Typing Jobs


You can become a successful subtitling typewriter by taking on this job. In subtitling, the written text accompanies any audio-visual piece broadcast on TV, in the cinema, or through the Internet. Usually, subtitlers work as freelance contractors for media and television production companies. In addition to work experience, subtitlists must possess exceptional editing skills.


A closed captioning typing career involves subtitling for a specific audience, such as the deaf or the hearing impaired. Online (i.e., real-time) and off-line closed captioning typing jobs are available at many TV and media production companies. While both closed captioning professionals and subtitlists can earn a good salary when working for big companies, the same cannot be said for freelancers and part-timers.


6) Court Reporter


Another career option that requires accuracy and efficiency is court reporting. They can achieve a staggering 200 to 230 words per minute, even though they use keyboard stenography to type verbatim text.


Online Typing Jobs Requiring Standard Keyboard Skills 


Typing Jobs Requiring Standard Typing Abilities


Typing jobs can increasingly be outsourced and done from home, for example, someone needs you to write an article about a given topic with a fixed deadline and budget. You will be able to complete more online typing jobs in less time if you have excellent writing and typing skills.


7) Journalist/Writer


Reporters, journalists, writers, and authors are all professionals who benefit from good typing skills. Having such a skill is not a prerequisite for any of these jobs, but it can boost your productivity and allow you to focus on the things that matter.


Using your keyboarding skills, you can get a job even if you're not a journalist. With millions of blogs on the Internet, there is a high demand for people with good writing skills. If you know how to type well and fast, you can finish those typing jobs faster, and more importantly, with fewer errors and good punctuation, which is always a plus.


8) Secretary/Personal Assistant


They are the people who hold an office or a small business together. Even though a career in this field can be rewarding, you'll find that too many responsibilities and too little time make it a stressful, multi-tasking job. 60 words per minute is the minimum requirement for efficient skills.


9) Virtual Assistant


A virtual assistant will do any office work that can be outsourced and compete with in-house assistants (see above). Writing, editing, and data entry are among the responsibilities of this position. To keep up with the pace, you need good skills. The salary is roughly $15-18/hour.


10) Translator


In contrast to most professions, translators now rely heavily on software to optimize their productivity. However, skills are still a good addition to the list of qualifications. It's easier to keep up with the flow of work when you don't have to worry about the position of your hands on the keyboard. Typing proficiency can double your productivity.


11) Web Designer/Developer


A person in IT should be able to type at least 45 words per minute. Efficient skills can effectively facilitate and promote creativity and productivity in other aspects of the job, such as programming or web design. Sharpening your skills will help you achieve your goals if you are considering or are training for an IT career.


12) Chat Agents


This is more of a support job than a typing job. For service to be reliable, a high level of skill is needed. Pressure and workload are high, and salaries can be low ($10-12/hour). In addition, artificial chatbots are on their way to replacing those typing jobs.


Even so, it is one of the easiest ways to get a typing job you can do from home. Online shops and customer service departments of larger companies are popular places. Background knowledge may be required for some positions.


How do I get a job online typing? 


Websites to Get Online Typing Jobs from Home


Here is a list of websites and companies that offer different types of typing jobs online. There are jobs for all skill levels, and beginners have a good chance of landing one. It is not exhaustive, but I hope it will help you get started. Below are some Websites to Get Online Typing Jobs from Home. Be quick and get opportunity faster. 



Upwork is one of the most popular platforms to hire freelancers for programming, writing, design and business activities. Of course, it is also wonderful to find a job that can be based on projects, by the hour or on a fixed salary.


Typing jobs are available in many different fields, such as transcribing, data entry, or word processing. To get things running on a larger scale, you have to apply separately for each of these jobs.


On the other hand, you can also use your skills to get a job writing blogs and articles as well as translating documents or scripts. It is you who will benefit from higher productivity, so it is not necessary to mention these skills separately.



On Upwork, you can find or hire talents for a variety of digital work skills. By bidding on a job, freelancers can introduce themselves with a cover letter, a brief biography, or work samples. You can get a typing job with good skills in writing, data entry, translation, but also programming and computing.


You can also find hundreds of copy typing jobs and secretarial services on Freelancer. Since those services are the easiest to outsource and many people have proficient skills, competition is quite stiff. If you are applying for a job, we recommend that you have a completed profile page, an image, work examples, and, last but not least, a personal approach.



Rev provides transcription, translation, and captioning services online. Many well-known companies use it, including Lynda, BuzzFeed, Uber, and Kanopy. Rev employs freelance transcriptionists to transcribe audio and video recordings. You can apply here to become a captionist and get started within 48 hours.



TranscriptionHub (website) maintains a global pool of freelancers who handle transcription jobs added by companies from around the world. It is a good opportunity to work from home or anywhere in the world.


To be considered for the job, you will have to undergo some type of quality test. A rating will be given based on the results and applicants will be able to apply for certain typing jobs that match their skill level. Beginners might earn less.



Indeed, it is one of the largest job search platforms online. Hundreds of typing jobs are available. To find the one that will suit your skills and needs, you will need to think outside the box a bit.


We recommend brainstorming a variety of skill-related keywords or job ideas before you begin researching, and to avoid getting lost in unrelated offers. If you wish to work from home, "Online Typing Jobs" is a good phrase. If you skip the 'online', you will find more office-related opportunities.



There are a few hundred typing jobs listed on this Chicago-based job search engine. The main focus seems to be on data entry, either as an employee in a company or as a freelancer from home.


While employers often list ten key skills in their listings, you often find offers for online work that only require basic skills.


Other companies listing typing jobs


  • Casting Words
  • Transcribe Me
  • SpeechPad
  • Go Transcript
  • AccuTran Global
  • SpeakWrite
  • Tigerfish


Summary of typing jobs from home


Fast keyboarding skills can open up a variety of career paths, and typing is essential in many other fields. You must improve your typing skills to the best of your abilities if you are considering any type of typing job. Regardless of whether it's your job's main focus, you'll find you're more efficient if you can type 45-60 wpm.


Leveling-up – As a typist, if you're 100% efficient, fast, and accurate, it will benefit your career advancement. Programs like Typesy can help you improve or develop from scratch the skills you need to land the job of your dreams.


Outlook – The voice-to-word technology or speech dictation software has seen great improvements over the past few years, and these assistants can now understand spoken languages and local accents. Typing jobs as we know them will probably disappear entirely, and good skills will be a default requirement as content creation and quality management become more important.


Did we miss any typing jobs or careers here? Let us know in the comments! An overview of typing techniques is available here if you are new to the topic.


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